We are excited to be working with Matty Richards who painted this amazing piece of me. I’m in the 1980/81 Villa strip and we are selling this in a small size and large. This would be a great Father Day gift, both me and Matty have signed it and there are only limited prints available. Order Now! 

Matty Richards said “As a Cheshire-born artist, I specialise in painting prominent icons like Peter Withe.”

“Having already created works for the likes of Wayne Rooney, I aim to capture what people are willing to endure in their pursuit of success, as I am fascinated by the desire to succeed.”

“It has been a pleasure to work alongside Peter and his son, Steve Withe, on this special series of signed works. As a young artist working to turn my passion into a livelihood, it has been fantastic to work with them.”

If you are interested to hear more about Matty’s upcoming works, check out the link to his website and socials: mattyrichardsart.co.uk